What device is the best to play shooters?


Jan 31, 2020
Keyboard and mouse for FPS is a requirement for me, which leans towards PC. Although I think you can get them for consoles also now, so theres that. It's also easier and cheaper to get a high refresh rate monitor for a PC then it is a TV that does the same.

So PC still, although console FPS is better then it ever has been.
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Brian Boru

For a run n gun spray n pray kind of melee shooter, a console should be playable. But if there's much accuracy or even precision required, then mouse & KB are essential.

I didn't realize you can plug KB/M into a console these days—I assume only on the latest PS5 and whatever latest ridiculous name Microsoft chose for theirs… is it the X-Men Are You Serious B-O=X?

That's nice, that making consoles more like PCs is continuing in the latest gen. Once cloud gaming takes over, decent input devices are all that'll be needed.

So PC for me for shooters—and other genre too. I prefer desktop to laptop since I can always put a blindfold on at desktop, whereas there's no way to make laptop action visible. Plus I love my 2 x 42" TVs as monitors—much cheaper and easier to get than similar-size monitors—makes it so easy to pick which nostril I want to put the bullet in, from 500m.



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