What device is the best to play shooters?

Keyboard and mouse for FPS is a requirement for me, which leans towards PC. Although I think you can get them for consoles also now, so theres that. It's also easier and cheaper to get a high refresh rate monitor for a PC then it is a TV that does the same.

So PC still, although console FPS is better then it ever has been.
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For a run n gun spray n pray kind of melee shooter, a console should be playable. But if there's much accuracy or even precision required, then mouse & KB are essential.

I didn't realize you can plug KB/M into a console these days—I assume only on the latest PS5 and whatever latest ridiculous name Microsoft chose for theirs… is it the X-Men Are You Serious B-O=X?

That's nice, that making consoles more like PCs is continuing in the latest gen. Once cloud gaming takes over, decent input devices are all that'll be needed.

So PC for me for shooters—and other genre too. I prefer desktop to laptop since I can always put a blindfold on at desktop, whereas there's no way to make laptop action visible. Plus I love my 2 x 42" TVs as monitors—much cheaper and easier to get than similar-size monitors—makes it so easy to pick which nostril I want to put the bullet in, from 500m.
Personally prefer PC over console and thats coming from being on console for decades before hoping over to pc. You will always be able to turn and shoot and aim quicker and smoother with the mousse and keyboard where as you have to turn through an analog stick on console. Having almost triple the amounts of FPS on PC compared to console helps as well especially with shooters where every split second counts when shooting. The only thing console has going for them is aim assist.
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Jul 21, 2021
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PC, but not necessarily for keyboard and mouse.

I switched to PC gaming because you can map mouse to the gyroscope (if using Dualshock 4, DualSense or Switch Pro Controller) which provides 90% of the accuracy and speed of a mouse, but retains 100% of the comfort of a controller.

Nintendo Switch games incorporate gyro aiming standard across the board, even 3rd party games. But PS5 and XSX do not.

I am, however, learning to use KB/M, just because I want to play CoD Vanguard and it’s not on Steam for gyro aiming, but it is on Series X with KB/M support.

I simply cannot fathom how anyone still plays shooters with a right analog stick alone. I get that KB/M isn’t convenient for tv gaming (I ordered a lap board), but gyro aiming doesn’t pose those issues.


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