Question What are PC gaming's weirdest weapons?

most of its stats don't help
59 Emotional Damage
18 Jauntiness
5 Socks
42 Futuristicness
1285 resistance to Logic
2 Noodle Arms
10% increased gold find
20% increased magic find
Converys 10% chance that target flees for 3 seconds (not overly useful - well, like most of its stats)

Its more special cause it talks
not high quality but it is an old game now.
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I liked the Giant Squid in one of C&C's games, maybe RA2 or Yuri's Revenge. A stealthy submerged mind-controlled unit, it would wrap its tentacles around a hostile ship and shake it until it capsized and sank!

Less weird but also fun is the Saw Launcher in Far Cry New Dawn. It has 2 main unique attributes:
Kill multiple targets at once, by bouncing from one to the next;
The bounce enabled it to work around corners via first bouncing off a wall, ceiling etc.
Reminds me of the epic Gravity Gun with saw blades you mentioned :)


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You got the Armed & Dangerous shark gun, so the list is good enough. ;)

The wand of polymorph in Nethack sure gets weird. Shoot it and that umber hulk coming at you and you could turn it into a little grid bug, a lich, or anything else (except, I presume, the wizard of Yendor). But that's not all! Shoot it at your dog, and it could change into a dragon, which will still be tame and help you in battle! (Good luck keeping it fed.) Drop some of your junk items on the floor, zap them with the wand, and they will change into other, random items. You can even put on a ring of polymorph control, zap yourself, and turn into the monster of your choice!
Aug 10, 2021
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Postal 2: Cat Silencer (weapon attachment, but it deserves a mention😁)
Postal 2: Pee. Jupp, you can use pee as a weapon. Not going into more detail, but it is as weird as it sounds.
weirdly enough,its not the only game to use pee as a weapon on the PC, okami HD- i havent played it in a long time but if you collect enough points i think it is (or it coud be something else you collect,sorry my memory is non existent) you can get the wolf to learn a move where he cocks his leg and pees on his enemies as a weapon.

i love the weapons you can make in goat simulator DLC- goatZ where you can concoct a variety of weird weapons,some of it included shooting bubble gum out of a funnel from what i remember.
Blood had a handful of pretty unique weapons, but my favourite was the aerosol can/lighter combo which served as the games flamethrower, as well as an incendiary grenade with the alt-fire. Not as useful as the plain old tommy gun but still cool.

The MDK games also had some weird weaponry, being made by Shiny games, but the sniper rifle built into the protagonists helmet was a standout, and the first zooming sniper rifle I remember using in games.
I remember No One Lives Forever had a bunch of spy gadget weapons.
In particular the explosive lipstick.

Also Bioforge had someone's hand or something as a weapon near the start of the game too which was pretty weird (imo).

Dang, I miss NOLF. Even now, the theme song is running through my head.

"♪Cause NO one lives for EVVV-ERRR...
But evil never DIIIIEEEES..."

(Not sure what the next line is.)
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Watch Dogs: Legion is coming up with some odd stuff. The bee keeper has some sort of robotic bee drones that fly at enemies and hurt them. You can pull a trigger and make them explode, too, knocking the target out. Magicians have a pocket watch on a string that lets them hypnotize enemies into "turn on all their mates." Protest leaders have a bull horn, which can be used to rally people so they attack your enemies.
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One weapon that is pretty obscure and kind of out there is the Alien Arm Gun from Redneck Rampage. At face value, it sounds pretty ordinary but the arm gun comes with the arm attached to it, while the "trigger" is a dangling blood vein that you just yank.
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