Mar 29, 2021
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Hello i have a pc with that
i3 9100f
gtx 1650 4gb
16 gb ram
1 tb
244 ssd

So i want to upgrade my cpu to a i7 9700 k but i have a question if my motherboard is compatible with that type of processor or should have buy a new one. My motherboard:
Asus PRIME H310M-A R2.0.

Thanks for your help.
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My first thought was that you might have some throttling issues with the 9700K, and it might be better to get a plain 9700 as it will use less power. I dont have data to back that up except for a Reddit post I found here saying it kind of works O.K.

Personally I'd get the 9700 non K I'd feel happier about the boards longevity with a lower power part and I doubt you would notice the performance difference. It will work with the 9700K too, but who knows if it will last much longer then the warranty for the board.
The K is an unlocked processor, so that would be useless on your H310 motherboard. If you do plan to upgrade the motherboard to a Z series chipset and also drop in DDR4-3200MHz rams, then yes the i7-9700K is the processor to get otherwise my colleague above is right to suggest the non-K i7.
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