Question Weekend Question: Would you play an FPS with a controller if aim assist helped you win more?

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I'm fluent in both. So I have, I would, and I'd do it again. Although I usually turn off auto aim, I enjoy playing FPS games with a controller very much. Matter of fact I used Joy2Key to make Dark Forces 1 playable on an Xbone gamepad and twin sticked it on hard. It was honestly fantastic and the fiddling around with settings was 100% worth it.

My PC is plugged into a big ass TV through HDMI and I usually game 7 feet away from it, slouched in a la-z-boy. I work at a desk all day, I'm not gaming at one. I'm that guy. I can absolutely M&K with the keyboard in my lap no problem (you're not twin sticking Apex Legends) but if it's a slightly slower paced game or the emphasis isn't necessarily on combat (Things like the Long dark) I'll go for a gamepad and regret nothing. When I play multiplayer with friends I will go M&K. Mechwarrior 5, Ready or Not, 7 Days to Die, ARMA 3, etc I'm using M&K.

Also, that hori Tactical Assault Commander thing is hilarious but they did one thing right : It's for Playstation, yet they put the only thumbstick in the right place. Good for them, they know.
That's pretty much my story, too. I've used Joy2Key for a few things with varying success. Some older games were just not meant for a controller. But I'm a recliner gamer, too. I have a wireless keyboard with touchpad for navigating Windows, but it's not good for gaming.

(inverted y axis, of course)
You must be my clone or long-lost twin! :LOL:
May 11, 2022
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^^ Let's find out. :geek:


If I'm going ALL OUT on a game I remap to ESDF

Then A is crouch, SPACE is jump. W and R leans, T reloads. It puts more buttons at your disposal

In the 90's I used to ESDF every single FPS game I played and I'm pretty sure I got this from my friend, who got this from PC Gamer mags.
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Oct 16, 2022
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I personally feel like it’s too each it’s own, everyone has a preference so I believe one should only choose what’s more comfortable for them to begin with.
This week's question is: Would you play an FPS with a controller if aim assist helped you win more?

I rarely play FPS's, and never competitively/to-win, so that wouldn't be the deciding factor for me. That being said, I have often opted to use a controller for various first (and third) person "shooters", including GTA V, RDR2, the Mass Effects, and even Skyrim. Though not because it helps me at all, if anything it might make it more difficult. It's just easier when I'm on the couch and using my HDTV as my monitor. (I have a KB+M setup with that as well but it's a little clunkier and needs a TV tray.)

Overwatch's controller aim assist is so good that they disabled it in PC-console crossplay matches,

That seems like overkill to me. Why even have crossplay if you're not going to let one system have its advantages? Plus there's no rule that PC users can't use a controller, right? But then I'm not really into the whole competitive side of FPS's so I don't really have anything invested in the overall "fairness" of matches.

Would you, faced with this temptation, submit to the controller meta and become "goated on the sticks?"

That sounds painful. I think that happened to me in one of the Tomb Raider reboots...


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