Weekend Question: Would you ever use a tiny keyboard?

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(I'm steering clear of @Zloth's skimpy swimsuit parallel, as that might get a bi, umm, out of hand.)

In answer to the question though, my answer is no. I've never considered using a tiny keyboard, and from my personal perspective, I just don't see any practical use for them. I prefer a full-sized keyboard with a padded wrist rest and numpad. I use the numpad constantly, especially outside of gaming, and a solid, padded, and attached wrist rest is important for me, in gaming as well as being a touch-typist (though I don't know if it's the "proper" form, I always rest my wrists on the wrist rest).

I also like the weight of a full-sized keyboard, especially if it has a metal frame, as I can "spaz-out" a bit in a real time action game without knocking the keyboard halfway across the dest. My current keyboard (and has been for the last 5 years or so) is the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. Solid as a tank and has no issues, though the ICUE software from Corsair can be a bit flakey.
Im a big rough and tumble gamer and need my peripherals to match
Man, what're you doing on PC? You need a Wii W!! Or maybe VR in a big field :p

numpad. I'm sure it's essential for many jobs
Oh yeah. Anything with a num, like a chef or anesthesiologist—or any task needing a pad, like gridiron or seduction. So many applications!

a solid, padded, and attached wrist rest
I had no idea how much more comfy a wrist rest on a KB would be until I got my current KB—pic above.


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May 3, 2022
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Enduring the em dash roasting in the early thread with quiet dignity. It's a top-tier punctuation.

though the ICUE software from Corsair can be a bit flakey.
I have a Corsair AIO and iCue has been the bane of my existence, a hated enemy I barely tolerate being on my hard drive. I want to "downgrade" to air cooling at some point because it cheesed me off so much.
Jun 4, 2023
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I spend a lot of time behind a keyboard, both at work and at play. For a several years I tried using a combined workspace (one monitor, one keyboard, one mouse) for both gaming and work. I have separated them into two desktops and couldn't be happier.

I find stiffer (70+ gram), clicky keys to be preferable for work, while linear optical keys are better for gaming. I could live with a 65% keyboard for gaming, but the applications I use at work demand a full-sized keyboard. I've come to realize that the numpad and arrow keys should be on the left. This would give the mouse more room to roam and be a mouse. I'm willing to retrain my left hand to operate a key pad and arrow keys. Sadly, no one makes a full-sized, RGB, left handed keyboard. ...at least not that I've found.
May 11, 2022
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I actually really like how they look but no.

I want all the damn keys whether I need them or not. Also, freeing up space is nice but I don't actually need to free up space, my desk is not cluttered at all.

I play a lot of milsim games with tons of mods like Arma 3 that have the most insane CTRL+Win Key+F3 bindings, but also I do some things other than game on the computer so I could not live without full spec keys.

ONE thing I have considered is a keyboard that has everything EXCEPT a numpad.......because I would put a standalone numpad to the right of my mouse and that seems pretty captain-y in my head.
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Right hand on num pad, left hand on mouse. More space between mouse and numpad. Lefties have their mice on the left side of the keyboard.

I had a laptop at work with no numpad. So I bought a usb numpad. Always had it on the left side.

I don't think I ever need one hand on the mouse and the other on the numpad. But maybe I would do it if I could switch the numpad to the left.
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Interesting back-and-forth @Slasken @Pifanjr :)
As a natural lefty, I had mouse on left up to ~15 years ago when numb spells [probably some version of carpal tunnel] forced me to switch to right hand, which I've used ever since—WITH wrist rest!

In one of those 'wood for trees' situations, it never occurred to me to consider a different KB config in my lefty days. Used to use the arrow keys for movement if I recall correctly, but otherwise, same.
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Jun 7, 2023
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Yes i have used a tiny keyboard before. I found it fun and interesting especially the wireless Bluetooth feature. I had a lot of fun with it now that I think back while playing games and using it to search the web on my tv and computer. A nice little alternative to the standard keyboard.
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Jun 8, 2023
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I keep meaning to get a TKL keyboard because the full size one I have I just never use the num pad for anything (a year working with a chrome book meant I got into the habit of using the number row instead), so I may jump down to a 65% if I find one I like.
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Jun 11, 2023
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I'm still using an old Logitech G15 keyboard, which I nurse along as I like the LED display which I use to fire off all my temperatures, clock speeds, usage of CPU & GPU etc.
I don't think I'd be keen to give up the numpad to downsize as I use it daily
Jun 13, 2023
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Greetings gamers, happy Memorial Day in the US/bank holiday of unknown provenance in the UK/sorry everyone else. It's time for another weekend question—I'll be collating our staff's responses and the best answers here into a feature on the site this Saturday. If you'd like to throw your hat in, feel free to participate!

This week's question is Would you ever use a tiny keyboard?

I used to think I was function keys and number pad guy for keeps, but for the past year I've been living that 65% life and loving it. If you're unfamiliar, that means my board has 65% of the layout of a standard QWERTY, meaning no function row or number pad. Accessing my missing quick save, quick load, and Steam screenshot keys just requires a simple two-key combo press.

I'm sure it's not for everybody though—Alt codes only work with the num pad, so I've had to get creative in Gdocs to access my beloved em dash. Likewise, if your work involves anything computational or requires a lot of numerical entries, fuhgeddaboudit, you're gonna want the pad. Meanwhile, there are layouts even smaller than 65%, hubristic exercises in minimalism and key combo memorization that stretch the limits of my credulity. But for gaming and writing? 65% suits me just fine.
My good man you've lost your mind - go BACK to a proper-sized keyboard and i bet a tenner you'll be "oh yeah, actually, this is how its suppose to be done" :p
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