Weekend Question: Which horror movie would make a great videogame?

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Dec 9, 2019
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I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

This week's question is: Which horror movie would make a great videogame?

There are now 10 videogames based on the Evil Dead series, not counting games Ash has cameos in like Dead By Daylight and Poker Night 2. That's a decent number, although the Alien series has it beat, especially counting the various Alien vs. Predator games. There have been four Blair Witch games, each developed by a different studio, and even Texas Chainsaw Massacre was made into an Atari 2600 game back in 1983. Meanwhile, multiple attempts to make Hellraiser games have been canceled, including one in Duke Nukem's Build Engine and one in the same engine as Wolfenstein-3D. It hardly seems fair.
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The Underworld series deserve a solid game adaptation. Maybe it isn't a pure horror, but definitely has many elements of it. The first movie received an adaptation on PS2, but you don't want to play it... The series has a huge potential in many different genres, be it RPG, FPS and even a strategy. It's strange that no one decided to deliver a good game set in this universe. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines would finally have a solid competitor.
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I'm not a horror guy, but has anyone made a Frankenstein game for PC? I'm only aware of some console fighter from ~30 years ago.

You get to build your monster using a finite number of parts, eg 20—with a certain few required, like head & 2 legs. Rest is up to you—want 8 arms, go for it!

Once you've got your blueprint, you have to stalk and murder people in the locality, bring 'em back to the dungeon you won in a PCGamer competition, and pull out your trusty and rusty hacksaw to acquire their contribution to le grande project.

The various quests you send your monster on will need very different layouts—cutouts?—so there'll be lots of reconfiguring and adjusting required.


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I can't think of a game, but I can think of a new form of DRM.

Once you finish playing a pirated copy of the game, a message will pop up on the screen: "seven days"

You then have 7 days to make more copies of the game INCLUDING the DRM. If you can get four other people to play the pirated copy all the way through, you'll be fine. If not, you'll start getting more and more strange (even for a gamer). In the end, you'll see the red ring, blue screen, or whatever crashing signal your platform of choice uses. Then a damp Uwe Boll will crawl out of the nearest LCD screen and make you die in a hideous way.

I'm not a horror guy, but has anyone made a Frankenstein game for PC? I'm only aware of some console fighter from ~30 years ago.
The Shivering Isles expansion to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion had you build a monster. Divinity 2 did, too, in its expansion (which was built in to the Dragon Knight saga release).
Does The Purge count as a horror movie? I guess if you don't count second and fourth movies, then maybe?

I feel like for a game based on The Purge to work, it'd need to be a life sim, base builder, open world survival craft, and third person shooter rolled into one. Life sim because the key to a successful Purge is to earn the trust of the right people, base builder because you're gonna have a home and neighborhood to defend, open world survival craft because you're gonna need to leave the safety of your home to scavenge a city-turned-warzone, and third person shooter because ALL CRIME WILL BE LEGAL FOR THE NEXT 12 HOURS.

I guess if risk/reward needs to be a thing for the life sim portion of a Purge game, they could also offer the option to commit off-Purge crimes, though the New Founding Fathers of America will take even the most petty offenses quite seriously.
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I enjoy horror films and some of the ideas above are good ones; Underworld, The Purge.

There are vampire inspired games and I would probably play those because hopefully they would be challenging.

But how did this whole zombie plague happen. From Haiti to George Romero and now they are everywhere. I purposely don't buy games with zombies, (except Days Gone).
Zombies are boring.
What's on my mind right now is the movie Wrong Turn. I can't find a game of this movie. If they decide to make it into the game they should develop it like "The Quarry" or a much improved one but the same with the game changes based on your decisions.

I think it will also be neat if there's an option to censor the slasher scenes as there are people who enjoy the plot and concept but are triggered by bloody/brutal scenes.
Chucky: Wanna Play Kickstarter never got released, so I am hoping we might see something like it in the future. Playing as Chucky would be f.ing badass! Have kill scenes similar to that of the game Manhunt and just go ballistic and try to avoid getting seen or something like that. Have so much gore you'll be bathing in it like in the movie Braindead.

I'd also love a horror game in the style of the Descent movie with narrow cave places to maneuver in and instead of several enemies, having it be just one like in the movie: Alien. Just think of how cool it would be having to swim through cave passages, some completely submerged and some barely squeezing by, all while you know there is something hunting you. Oh, and you'll also have to save your light or be clever in finding other sources because when it stops working, you'll be alone in the dark with only the cave ambiance and the sound of something lurking in the corners pinching your sanity.
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