Weekend Question: What do you drink while gaming?

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In my opinion as a Dutch person, I have to say that Heineken is pretty bad. I prefer pretty much any other Dutch pilsner.
It's Oranjeboom 8.5%. I'm sure it's same one I discovered years ago in a specialist bar in Brighton. It's got a kick.

But I read the other day that the dopamine shot you get while gaming is equivalent to a shot in the arm, only it's a natural high.
So we're saying that's good and healthy right... Right?
Well I suppose the natural high we get from gaming might be equivalent to doing some exciting sports.

It's something I wonder about, if you suspend your disbelief, can your mind experience in gaming be similar to a real scenario. It seems the same neurotransmitters are released.

I don't drink much.
Yes, I know about that, but I wasn't aware that Tyskie is popular enough there to be freely available in stores. :) A pleasant surprise!
Yes large Polish communities here(UK). Polish church, clubs have been established for years, but there is a Polish shop on most main city streets. I buy my fresh bread in one, smoked cheese and these buttery biscuits in another.
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Aug 10, 2021
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while gaming,i drink some form of cola (pepsi or coke, but now have lidls own brand to try it out,not as bad as sainsburys own cola).
sometimes after a late night session ill drink some form of alcohol-i can only drink a bottle or a couple of shots mixed with something as it messes with my medications.

Arthur Guinness would like a word…

Heineken? Good brew, that.

Or Bavaria… speaking of, I lived briefly in Munich—now that's a city which takes its beer seriously! 12 major breweries if I recall correctly.
nice-i love bavaria, i didnt know it was so widely recognised and available.
it used to be extremely cheap-around 80p a bottle in asda a couple of years ago then people caught onto it and now id rather drink a pint tin of red stripe or stella-theyre not amazing but they do the job i suppose.
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There is quite a large range of drinks. Pewla, Zubr, Zubrowka etc..
Yes I was thinking about it, neraly every small local shop sells Polish lager, plus the supermarkets with an isle of Polish food. So I think the English must have a taste for it.

As an add on to what do you drink while gaming.

What else have you set up around your PC; a fridge?

I've got headphone hooks and an industrial fan with a remote, mostly for me and PC(optimistic about summer!!).


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