Warzone lags 10-20 fps

Oct 7, 2022
Hello everyone! Just bought a new PC with Ryzen 5600G and 3200 mhz RAM XPG D41 2x8 GB. Warzone fps goes from 10 to 20 with pressure on APU at 20%. Mixed every setting and yesterday for 20 mins fps was 30 and stable at training session+apu pressure was higher. But then it changed back to 10-20 fps with epic lags. Last AMD Adrenaline version. Bios version from 10-03-2020 ASUS TUF GAMING B450-PLUS II
You're not going to get great performance out of an APU. If you want to play games like that at higher FPS, you're really going to need a dedicated video card. I could be wrong, but I suspect when it says you're getting 20% usage out of your APU, it's probably talking about the CPU side of it.


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