Verdansk vs. Caldera


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For all you Warzone players out there, are you enjoying the new map? It's been really hard after dropping in Verdansk for almost two years to jump into Caldera without knowing yet the familiar locations - plus on top of that a whole new set of weapons, vehicles, and skins.

Have you warmed up to it yet?

In my opinion Verdansk was one of the best designed BR maps ever. The recognizable landmarks, the natural elevation changes, and a variety of area layouts that had your team utilizing their map knowledge to get wins. I just can't get into Caldera. It reminds me so much of when PUBG released Sanhok. A lot of open spaces, running through sparse trees without a lot of cover. The circles don't seem to choke off teams like they did in places like Train Station or Superstore. That and planes are BRUTAL to control and fly. The physics are really unfortunate. Helicopters we a blast in Verdansk and planes will never compete.

Enough of my thoughts, let's hear yours!
Sep 2, 2020
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I'm still getting used to the new map, but I can say I'm getting a grasp of it very quickly.

Verdansk caused me to develop a "tunnel vision" because of the map template - urban background, lots of buildings pretty much everywhere and around you - therefore it's taking me some time to get used to a map with so much open spaces such as Caldera. However, my K/D has increased tremendously since the introduction of the new map, which kinda confirms the fact that I always feel comfortable with maps with plenty of open spaces rather than urban background.