PCG Article Valve just filed a new 'computer game software' trademark and the rumours are already flying


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Could just be a collection of Gabes family photos from their youth.
No, it does actually have to be something to do with video games. It could be a Steam for mobile phones, a new series of games, a service to play games in the cloud with your PC/phone/whatever acting as a dumb terminal, or a game about organizing Gabe's family photos.

Brian pointing to Amazon Prime makes me wonder if it will be some sort of subscription thing. Pay Steam $X/mo and you get access to Steam's ENTIRE catalog. (Plus free shipping! ;)) Hmmm, I wonder how much I've been spending on Steam per month?
If you could end up streaming your Steam library to a console, that would be awesome, too.

I know it's not this, but if it's a new iteration of one of their games, at this point I think I'd rather have a Portal 3 than a Half-Life 3. I'm sure I'd be in the minority about that, though.