Using animated stickers, avatars, ect. from Steam

I think @Brian Boru made a similar post a few months ago about the Steam Points Shop, so this may overlap a bit. What I'd really like to know is if those animated stickers, avatars, backgrounds, ect can be used elsewhere, outside of the Steam environment. Like in emails or other forums; and can they be resized? I'm sure they reside somewhere within the labyrinth of the Steam directory, but I've yet to find them.

The reason I ask, is because I have a friend that loves cats and there was one animated icon that I know she would love (Cat Cam Talking). I also noticed I have almost 36,000 points to spend and I'd like to actually use some of these features elsewhere.

It's kind of a weird question I know, but you folks are more knowledgeable than me when it comes to the inner workings of software. I was hoping there would be a way to take that talking cat icon, maybe make it larger, and send it to my friend.
Here's my Geralt emoticon:


I opened Steam in my browser, went to my inventory, right clicked on the image I wanted and selected "Open image in a new tab" or whatever it says.
@ZedClampet - That works! I tried it from within the Steam application and I couldn't do it, but by logging into Steam in a browser, I was able to copy it to use elsewhere.

@OsaX Nymloth - Yes that's the one! So I can get the image, but now how to enable the animated affects? It's kind of a boring shot otherwise.


I tried putting it in a chat message in my browser, but it wouldn't let me open it in a new tab/save or anything else. I'm presently at a loss other than recording the gif with a screen capture program and then loading the video to ezgif will let you crop it once you get it working, which should be pretty quick. You may not have anything that captures your screen, but you could get the free version of Bandicam, and I think you could crop out the watermark since you only want the cat.
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That only took a couple of minutes to do. EZgif is a great site. By the way, there's a Steam animated gif of a squirrel above this text. If you aren't seeing it, the link expired.

Seemed more time consuming in my head. Just log into Steam in a browser. Create a chat message with the cat. Record the screen with a screen capture program (can use free bandicam). Open the file in EZgif(dot)com. Use EZgif to crop the video and save it to your system. Open the new, smaller video in EZ and convert it to a gif.


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