Question Using 2 controls as Player 1

Oct 30, 2021
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Is there a way, a program, a glitch in W10 or ANYTHING at all that can make 2 plugged console controls work as Player One? I'm trying to get some tactical and turn-based games work this way to play with my brother without the old hotseat method.

I have PS4 and Xbox controllers. Last year, I managed to get this working using DS4Windows, and me and my brother played the entire Fell Seal, using 2 controls (we divided the character for me and for he). We already played a LOT of games this way... BUT! This year I formated my notebook and this "bug" ins't working anymore.
Welcome...though just trying to help. If it does work out then I might try it out as well. Yeah, my brother and I did some gaming as well on one system, we even did LAN gaming in our own home.

Hey, maybe you could make a short video showing how you and your brother are using it...should help out the community if they want to do something similar.