Question Usb keeps dying

Dec 10, 2020
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Hello, i am pretty deperate.

I have build myself a computer 3 years ago

I7-6700k Gtx 1070 16go, 600W PSU, zalmann Z11

and i havent put the mobo because of what is to follow... i have broken 3 motherboards (only the usb died)

the first mobo was a z170k (asus)

the second was a b250 pro-m4 (asrock)

the third is/was a H110-d3A (mining edition from gigabyte)

and they all had the same problem, the usb stop worrkig after some time. I have changed keyboard in the middle because i thought he was kiling them by drawing to much power. i now have a corsair keyboard and my mouse hasn't changed (and is also corsair). the only other usb peripheral that hasnt changed is my screen (it has a usb hub integrated) (an acer predator xb281HK)...

I really dont know what is causing that and how to repair it if possible that why i post my question here.

PS: I usally connect my mouse and keyboard to the screens hub which is powered by the screen cable and then connect it to my computer. All the solution requiring to use the device manager are useless because no USB port is working (even in the BIOS). My keyboard and mouse are working on other computers and i have tried to clear CMOS (idk if i did it the right way)


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