Question Upgrade or whole new system?

Dec 28, 2021
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I'M currently using a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard 12 gbRam, Intel i7 960 Cpu, Gtx 1070...Is this motherboard completely outdated (purchased 2011) or can i keep the X58 and go to 16 or 24 gbRam and add a new Cpu and vid card? Or scrap it and get a whole new system?
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You cant update the CPU in any significant way with that motherboard and its below minimum specs for a lot of new AAA games. You cant re-use your DDR3 RAM in a new motherboard, things have moved on to DDR5 and its not backwards compatible. Your PSU is going to be over 10 years old too I'm guessing and will need replacing. You also dont mention your storage and case.

I suggest keeping the GTX 1070 for now and getting a fresh system otherwise due to the current price of GPU's. If you happen to have an SSD or HDD that is newer than teh rest of the system its possible to reuse it.

Can you list the full specs of your current system, storage drives, case and PSU exact models included?

What country are you in and what is your budget for the upgrade?
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We're currently on the 12th Gen of Intel's processor architecture/design...a lot has changed since you purchased the enthusiast lineup from Intel's 1st Gen of processors. In fact, pretty much everything has gotten, better and more efficient.

A complete overhaul would be warranted, especially since a near 1.5 decade old platform/PSU will be inadequate for 2021/2022 hardware.
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Summary from the 2 experts:

scrap it and get a whole new system


keeping the GTX 1070 for now

That's it!

But the main reason I'm poking my non-expert nose in here is because…
Gtx 1070 built in 2011
…is not possible—you have model or year wrong. My money is on the model, 1070 wasn't released until 2016.
But hopefully you did an upgrade years later, so it's the year which is wrong :)


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