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It looks like some special purpose KB, not one for a PC. One of the comments suggests retail POS, so check local shops and ask who their supplier is if you see what you want—or they might gift you an old one :)

If you're looking for a PC KB but not QWERTY or AZERTY, look into 'Dvorak' or 'Colemak'—you could probably find some on Ebay. Or more generally, 'ergonomic' KBs.
It's the 15x6 Ortholinear Access-IS 90 key Keyboard but I can't find it for sale anywhere. Access was purchased by a different company, and I don't see keyboards on their website at all.

These are generally known as ortholinear keyboards. You might use that to search on Amazon and find something similar if you give up on this one.

If you don't mind my asking, what is special about this particular one? I found numerous threads dating back to 9 years ago of people looking to buy this keyboard.

Without knowing what is special about it, my dumb suggestion is to buy some of these and program them however you want. You could even affix them in the same layout on a board or a lap desk:

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