Understanding AI

My friends son knows i am a die hard gamer and he kept saying i looked at walkthroughs cos i got stuck but certain things just wont happen , my reply was the AI knows what you have/have not done .He came round and i showed him a few examples.

In 1 certain place you pretend to be somebody else and answer lots of questions , if you are lazy you can go find a walkthrough for the correct answers but this is where the AI will beat you. Even if you give the correct answers you will die because the AI will somehow know you did not search and find the answers.

In one area you have to find a bronze hat but unless somebody gives in under pressure and tells you where to dig you will never find it even if your in the right place.

GUILDWARS the first one
I just happen to have put it on a new pc for old times sake but never used it so i showed him that it was possible to walk endlessly around the map to reveal new areas , i then showed him that nobody was giving me any quests to do. I explained that it was because nobody had "told" me to go to the areas i was walking round. I clicked on a green ! above a characters head , he gave me a quest and i did it in an area that i had previously visited and found nothing just because i was on walk about.

He now fully understands how AI works.

The moral to this story is ..... knowing what to do is not enough you have to do it or the AI will catch you out.
Yeah, you're right in most cases. But I've noticed Skyrim is definitely not like that. I've explored so many caves and stuff, and found a chest with some object in it. Then later on, you find a person in some town with a quest for that object, and you already have it. Eventually, I decided to just stop exploring places until I already had a quest for it because it was kind of anticlimactic to get a quest and already have the item to give them. It's more realistic than what you're talking about, though.
It just depends on the game. If you are playing Far Cry 6, for instance, and you wander off the beaten path and go somewhere you shouldn't have gone, depending on what the mission with this site was, the game may have someone call you over your radio and give you a mission brief so you can go ahead and do the mission while you are there. However, certain treasures can't be had without doing things in the right order.

Some games, like Witcher 3, basically had very few if any barriers. Other games want you to jump through all the hoops. Adventure games like Monkey Island are always going to be this way, though.


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