Toutching pc components question

Mar 31, 2023
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Hi guys. I just wonder how fragile is it to toutch components in case og static electricity?

I just unboxed a custome build pc that was build from a store. It was shipped with a esd safe cushioning in the tower like a pillow to hold the parts up in shipment, that said this pillow leaked a bit and i toutched the cooling sink fan on cpu and also the metal frame around the rtx 4070ti grapic card.

I now wonder if one toutching this parts and lets say if static electricity happens, would that lead into the electric chip itself and cause damage?
Or would the electric shock just discharge right on the frame of grapic card and the cpu heatsink and not spread out to the component/chip itself?

I dont have any anti static wristband but i had a large screw driver i toutched before i toutched this two metal parts inside the pc.

Good to know until next time im need to clean etc :)