Torchlight 3

So its out next week on the 14th but I picked it up today...

I have so many questions.

I like to know something about a game before i start playing, This doesn't explain anything... thrusts relics at you at start and says choose one... um.. okay, what are they? what do they do?

now I have a lvl 4 Dusk Mage, 3 skill points to spend... how do I allocate them? it doesn't spell it out. The help in game isn't very helpful.

Its not like I don't know these games, I have over 1000 hours in TL2. But I watch videos of the rail master and think wtf is this?

It doesn't help all the guides are old and game has been altered in just last nights patch. Some of them don't even have the 4th character class.
Not saying either. I think the problems I encountered will be fixed (or have been already) by time its released.

They only made single player live yesterday, they were likely to have teething problems.

They patched single player today, i believe they will fix it all soon enough.

this wasn't a review or anything, I was just a guy who bought the game.
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The biggest problem i had was not knowing where to go. Game tells you where to go but not where it is... tl2 at least had quest markers.

I had 2 quests, a tutorial and main quest. It didn't tell me what zone tutorial was in so I backtracked and figured out it wasn't that way. It was on way to the main quest...

also, it helps to ask someone who is already playing how some things work.

Skill points. I wasn't holding the mouse button down long enough to spend a point. If this is mentioned in game, I didn't see it. It took me until last night to work out that part. Much forehead slapping was involved after the fact :)

I restarted as I thought my 1st character was bugged, now I think it was just me not knowing what to do.

All my characters for a while will be me working out the game. I am like this with most games, although most have guides etc online to follow.
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Some of the problems I ran into were caused by Single player only being released 4 days ago, they have patched many of the problems now and likely will continue to once game goes live in 2 days.

One noticeable difference between TL2 & TL3 is attribute points. In TL2 you would get 5 per level to spend on the 4 attributes. This tied in with how gear worked. Every item had 2 ways to equip it, either match the necessary level or match the necessary attribute points to equip it. This led to some times of having lvl 40 characters wearing lvl 80 armour and lvl 100 weapons...

Anyway, TL3 doesn't have attribute points at all. The only way you can equip armour now is if you are 3 lvls below its level. Only thing you get per level now is skill points, and you can't max every skill you pick. You only get 50 skill points max at the moment. It has changed in the past, so who knows.

Max level is 60. Furthest I have reached is lvl 8 so I can't say how long it takes to reach 60.


They didn't just remove things though, have added other things on top like end game... something TL2 only got through mods.
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limitations that don't make any sense.
Gold is shared across all characters and there is a 20k gold cap. that makes absolutely no sense. 90% of the time is spent grinding for gear and picking up everything, I have only played game 24 hours or so in a week (this is nothing for me) and hit the 20k cap. Game wouldn't let me pick up gold, I thought it was bugged until I saw my gold total was red and said max. I couldn't believe it...

I had to gamble for items i didn't care about just so i could start picking up gold again.

there are items in the fort you get for your account that let you feed items to them for buffs, but bet they max out at lvl 5 and I am already lvl 4 with one of them

Feed the pink tree magic items to grow you magic find luck.,

If it maxes at lvl 5 and gold caps at lvl 20, why pick up anything??
Only get 3 tabs in shared stash for all characters. This game is so the opposite of TL2 with Synergy mods. One of my lvl 100 characters in TL2 has over 1 million gold itself. And shared stash is 25 tabs, not 3. And every character has its own stash. Not just one for everyone.

Max potion count is 20... what is it with 20 in this game? TL2, one of my characters had over 1000 potions lol. I had no use for them really. IT was just another collectable.

this game won't feed my collecting needs.
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