Tomb Raider (2013) - Upgrade Bows or Guns at this point?


So I'm at the Camp Site at the Village Plateau ... should I do the last Bow Upgrade (for faster rate of fire) or start the various Gun upgrades?

Am I going to need to use the Gun or the Bow and Arrow more from now on?

I got the impression there's ****** all ammo/shooting in this game?

Something worth noting; is that I have the upgrade which gives me more salvage when I hunt animals etc.... so I assume that would make more sense to keep using the bow and arrow for that as you can retrieve them each time?

Is there a lot of hunting opportunities left beyond this point / in the rest of the game?

Thank you for your help
Try each weapon first and see which is more comfortable to use. The bow is obviously better for stealth, and is fairly powerful to begin with, but there are some situations where combat is more overt. If you study the enemies carefully though, many situations can be handled with sneak attacks, including from ledges.
Far as I can remember I used the bow/stealth combo all the way to the end. You'll get some powerful melee attacks that will help you together with the bow against harder opponents. Not sure about the salvaging part, I just killed a couple of animals here and there and got enough for the upgrades I wanted.
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Hey All,

Thanks for the ideas...

BTW I'm up to the Shantytown now and I've ended up upgrading everything I can at this point (for now)...

I think you're right about continuing to use the bow even when you get the bigger guns.

I'm surprised how effective fire arrows are.
The nice thing about them is you don't need to waste any time charging them if you just want fire and not too worried about 'arrow damage' - as the fire takes care of them.

But I did notice that heavily armored dudes take a few fire arrows for the fire to actually catch.
Are there certain spots where you can shoot them just once and get them to light up straight away?

Eg maybe between armor plates or the neck or something?

Also - the Rope arrow seems to be useful sometimes yanking someone off a roof etc... and again you don't have to lose time charging the bow (important in a frenetic fight.

I've learned to hold back on upgrades just getting the really useful ones and banking my cash to wait and see if a better weapon 'level up' (eg to the next better version of a gun/bow etc) will come soon.

So that way in theory I can buy the better stuff sooner by skipping the trash upgrades.

Is there any regularity or way to know when you're likely to find enough parts for either a completely new weapon type, or leveling up to the next better weapon version etc?

Any other little tips not yet mentioned - bow or gun related?

Thanks for your help
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