PCG Article Three recent Sex & Romance articles by PCG

The best romances in PC gaming | PC Gamer

I ranked everyone I've dated in a videogame because why not? | PC Gamer

Hear AI Todd Howard declare The Elder Scrolls 6 will let players have sex with NPCs | PC Gamer

I just found it funny that all these articles (which I loved) all of a sudden popped up within days of each other, not to mention the 2 or 3 articles about female genitalia in some monsters in The Witcher 3 Next-Gen update. Hey, it's a long winter (for many of us) and our thoughts often drift to spring or warmer endeavors.

We've talked in past posts, to some extent, about the subject matter in the 1st two articles, but I found the one about an AI Todd Howard really hilarious, as well as interesting, as I have a large interest in what AI vocal synthesis software can accomplish (more so what it can achieve in future games).

Just an open discussion on any thoughts you might have on any of these articles.
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