Thinking of a switch to Team Red

Dec 5, 2023
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I currently have a 3090ti and am looking to swap to team Red. Its been about 15 years since I tried anything from AMD - I dont care about ray tracing since I would rather have the extra frames. I am not looking for a 4090 performance - I just want a card from AMD that would be considered the equivalent or a step up of the 3090ti. It looks like the 7900XT trades blows pretty well, but the XTX kicks it up a notch to outperform the 3090ti... I'm eyeballing the Hellhound XTX

I use DLDSR to run 4k resolution with DLSS Quality, then its scaled down to 1440p to create a REALLY sharp and detailed image with almost NO aliasing - I dont need 300 FPS - My monitor is 1440p official Gsync with 165Hz so anything above 160 is wasted since I cap it there.

Can someone give me the lay of the land in regards to the current state of AMD gpu's? how is the drivers, software, is FSR really that bad vs DLSS? Will my official G-sync monitor support AMD freesync (it is very old and I dont think Freesync was a thing yet)
Well, i have a Powercolor Red Devil RX7900XT so I guess I can help
(if I had been faster the night I got mine, I might have got an XTX but it was day card was released and they were sold out by time I got to website. My card been good enough for me)

Drivers - fine, never had any problems with them
FSR vs DLSS - I can't comment, never used both. If you have an XTX you may not need to use them.
I have hyper RX enabled on card but the games I play rarely stress GPU out.
What make/model monitor is it? I can have a look and see what I find.

If it wasn't 4k, I already beat 160 on a 1440p monitor (my screen is only 144hz)

Not sure what 3d marks problem is there. It is the odd one out.

I score okay on actual tests

though 4090 can get 9000+ on same test. It also costs almost 3x price of my card here.
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Yeah, that one only runs at 60fps on a AMD GPU, it doesn't support Freesync - link shows it will only work at 60.

If it was other way around, a lot of Freesync monitors happily work with G Sync now. It never really worked the other way.

You can get better screens now anyway and if you getting an XTX, you would want one.

My last two monitors have been Freesync mostly on Nvidia GPU, I was always wrong. Now the screen is Freesync ultimate on a AMD GPU. It matches. Took me long enough.
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Dec 5, 2023
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Well, looks like this idea is a bust - perhaps I'll prioritize a new display. It has been QUITE some time since this thing got a new head. There is nothing wrong with my 3090ti at the moment so I can be patient. I'm sure popping a new HDR display will liven things up quite a bit.

Thanks everyone.... we wait!


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