Think we need a Europe spinoff of Fallout?

Considering that the Great War was mostly between America and China during the events of Fallout, I wonder if we could do with a spinoff series that takes place in a less bombed-out but still likely irradiated setting. We've seen what post-apocalyptic society looks like in the Capital Wasteland, Mojave, and Commonwealth with something resembling a hunter/scavenger societal level, though I wonder if a less bombed setting would develop differently in Fallout's post-apocalypse.

Obviously, there'd still be a societal collapse after America and China's nuclear exchange, but it makes me wonder if the UK or mainland Europe would find itself regressing to a medieval societal level instead of what we have in post-War America. I could see a second Middle Ages make use of tech from General Atomics and RobCo, though it'll definitely be hoarded by the royalty and nobility, while the commonfolk's most advanced piece of technology would be that Pipe Rifle you'd quickly discard by the time you hoard enough 10mm ammo that the .38 becomes irrelevant. Iunno, I guess part of me wants to see a mix of futurism and medieval, and I guess I could see things like A Knight's Tale and Knightriders being inspirations for such a setting, since those movies specifically have blended medieval knights with then-contemporary pop culture.
There would probably be vastly less guns, or at the very least their availability would be far more restricted.
That'd definitely be the case. I could imagine a lot of early game fights being mostly focused around melee weapons and you'd probably only get your first gun as a story quest reward. That said though, I think having a frogmouth helmet on power armor would make up for it.

Though a more melee focused game could also allow pistols and SMGs to actually function as one-handed weapons (or hand and a half weapons in the case of SMGs and SBRs), rather than all weapons being two-handed like Fallout 3/NV/4/76. I could see gun/melee dual-wielding replacing ADS with blocking, and the weapon bash with a heavy horizontal swing.
I'm completely open to a Fallout spinoff, or the next official Fallout game, being set in some part of Europe, or maybe even China, considering the Fallout lore. I can see potential in having some areas or people drift back to the Middle Ages in terms of technology, while the wealthy maintain the tech and safety of having been in a vault.

The biggest impediment to that, is that Bethesda owns the IP for the Fallout universe, and I really doubt that they would sanction a spinoff Fallout game. I consider Fallout New Vegas, made by Obsidian, to be spinoff Fallout game, and even it had a rushed development and release, yet it's often regarded by some as the best of the 1st person Fallout games. I could see Bethesda having Fallout 5 set outside the US, but unfortunately, I don't think they'll allow another developer to touch the IP.

@Kaamos_Llama mentioned Fallout London, which is a total conversion mod for Fallout 4, and may not be exactly what you're looking for, but might give you a taste of Fallout in Europe (minus the Medieval aspect).
Fallout London (


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