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How many sim's fans out there? I don't play the game much, but when i do i always enjoy it for the random evening. I played 2 the most, got the complete for free way back on origin. :) I bought 3 but never really played it much i didn't feel like it had the charm of 2, dunno why. 4 on the other hand feels a lot more like 2 and is rather enjoyable for me. It has some pretty solid expansions from what i've seen/read but like i said i'm not a huge fan so i don't tend to spend much on this title, but the new expansion really has me interested. The idea of building a country/swamp house sounds fantastic. I wonder if it would go well with the island expansion that's the other I'm interested in.

So i ask the simmer's out there, what are your favorite expansions from sims 4?
I don't play myself, but these might be of interest:
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Sep 10, 2020
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I think that depends on your playstyle, really. Gameplay-wise I do get the most from Get Famous, Discover University and Vampires, but I must admit I buy every single pack regardless because sometimes they just add nice furniture/clothing. Though I never pay full price, I always wait for their 50 % sale, which is quite often. Snowy Escape was released in November and was already 50 % off in December, so a bit of patience can save you a lot of money.

I do not own Cottage Living yet, but I suspect it will be lots of fun.
So i ask the simmer's out there, what are your favorite expansions from sims 4?

In no particular order: City Living, Seasons, Get Together, and Tiny Living Stuff (might not be it's name.)

Also, I didn't separate expansion packs from game packs and stuff packs. I've not seen a lot of rhyme or reason in the separations. Some of the stuff packs have, for me, added more value to the game than some of the expansions. I never, ever use Discover University, but I use Tiny Lot Stuff, or whatever it's called, ALL. THE. TIME.

My wife and I started playing The Sims back when the first one came out, then got bored around Sims 2. I took a mild interest when EA gave me a free copy of The Sims 3 at some point, and then when I found out a departed friend of mine was a major modder for The Sims 4 (and he [Scumbumbo] never told us), I got back into the game off and on for the past few years. Though I hate how often it updates, it breaks the mods every time. I recently played offline without updating for almost a year just so I didn't have to deal with tracking down unbroken versions of mods. I only just caved and updated this past week, and I still am not back up with the mods. But frankly the game feels super shallow* without them, so... mods it is!

(* - As some might say, "A vast ocean that's only a foot deep.")
Nov 18, 2021
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My favorite add-on is The Sims 4 Seasons.
I've been playing for over a year and my family is already old)
I like in these additions that it is snowing, boards with a thunderstorm, different holidays and just fun)


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