The GTA 6 Hype thread

Jun 9, 2020
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Hello, we are now in 2020
GTA 5 released on 2013!!
GTA IV released on 2008
five years difference.
GTA sa released on 2004
four years difference.

we've been a difference for seven years from the last game.
When do you think GTA VI will be released? in my opinion like 2022.
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I would love another retro. Vice city was one of my favourite GTAs.

I agree that we're a good year or two from seeing the final thing.

There was some rather spurious talk of it being a possibility mention on the PS5 game reveal tonight. (9pm UK time).


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I wonder if we're really going to get another proper GTA? They might decide to follow Call of Duty's example - make a quick campaign to show you the ropes then make the rest something online where you'll keep paying and paying and paying...
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I think we will get a proper GTA. If they wanted to try a short story and just go Online, they could have tested that with RDR2, which actually has a amazing story.

Also, I'm not sure if Rockstar has multiple studios or not. If not, I guess it could even take a little longer for GTA6, because RDR2 will have come in the place of GTA6 then and they'd have started GTA6 after that?
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There have been rumours of a return to vice city and it being set in the 80s. Ive also heard drug running was to be a big part of it and there would be perhaps more than one city in the map.

I'd be all for a return to vice city but id be ok if it was in modern times rather than up to date. The drug running thing could be a really cool addition if they do it right.

I'd love to see the return of heists.
More branching narrative with more freedom how to do missions and different outcomes in the story, depending on player choices would be really cool.
Maybe have us play as an undercover cop for a change, trying to infiltrate a gang and take it down without blowing your cover.

I think we will here about whatever R* is doing next in 2021, with gta v confirmed to be re-released on ps5, i doubt we will hear any news of their new game before that drops.
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Jun 9, 2020
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Awesome comments guys,so true !
RDR2 really makes them keep busy, but are they gonna leave gta like that?
this game gained a lot of fans , and al lot of succes! (money)
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Jan 13, 2020
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I wonder if they will have a female protagonist? Rumors have it the game will be set in Florida, and I'm hoping for more than just Vice City. It would be interesting to actually use the airports in the game, but I think that's gonna be a high bar to cross. /looks at board with yarn strung between push pins

Exhibit A
The host of Vinewood Boulevard Radio is named Sam Flax (in game). Sam Flax is a real person who founded Art Supply Stores across the east coast. Orlando is home to one of those stores.

Exhibit B
The "Pride Not Prejudice 1" radio commercial
"Some games are set in hell, others in post-apocalyptic wastelands. Now, there's a shooter set in the most culturally terrifying place in the world. The South." It is contended whether Florida is part of "The South" or actually it's own region of North America

Exhibit C
Since it's inception in the original GTA, the game revealed locations in the following order: Liberty City, Vice City, then San Andreas. GTAV broke that format. Unless Rockstar chooses a totally new location, there is a good chance things will be centered around Vice City.

I'm hoping that we really get more than just the Vice City area. I'm talking a good half of Florida, up to, yes, Orlando and it's theme parks. Seeing as how you can drive from Orlando to Miami in a good 4-5 hours (at GTA speed it would probably be more like 2), it's not unreasonable that they would connect the cities by highway, and I'm figuring in game this would probably be about a 20-30 minute drive. Or, perhaps, you can just book a flight and take a rental car. I want to see the Keys, the Everglades, Palm Beach and Lake Okeechobee, too. And I'll have two number sevens with extra dip.
You are so excited you decided to remain anonymous so no one knew who it was that was so excited about the game.

I haven't looked but then I didn't play GTA 5.
I don't know what is worse that or the fact there is 100 other anonymous people. At least they didn't go old school xbox live on the screen name XxAnonymou101xX
Dec 1, 2023
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It needs to be said at this point: Rockstar Games has so starved its GTA fandom of upcoming trailer details, that they’re now taking their hype to ridiculously new levels.

This is no slight against the fans – they’ve had to deal with the bleak void of no information about GTA VI for far too long. Even now, with the first glimpse of the trailer looming, we still know very little other than a rough timeframe.


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