Test 8 errors in Memtest86

Feb 9, 2024
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Hi guys, I've been struggling with a problem with my laptop for about almost 2 weeks.

I am using an HP Victus 16 E1007NT model laptop.

No matter which game I am playing, it crashes in 15-20 minutes after launching with no errors. It just crashes to desktop.

I've tried so many things to solve it. I scanned my laptop for a few times to see if there was any malware or something else like that but the results are good, my laptop is safe. After that I removed my GPU driver with DDU and installed the previous driver but it didn't work, unfortunately. I also checked the temperatures but there is also nothing wrong with them. Both CPU and GPU are at good temperatures.

Finally I tried to do the Memtest86. 363 errors occurred in Memtest86 and all of them occurred during the Test 8 (Random number sequence). What does this Test 8 errors mean? What should I do?

And, the reason for my games to crash is these errors about my RAM? If not, what else can I do to solve this problem?

My system informations

And the Memtest86 results
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Hi and welcome.

If its in warranty then send it back with the Memtest results and tell them whats happening in your games, they should fix or replace.

If you're failing Memtest you have a RAM problem. Out of warranty, if youre lucky it will be the RAM sticks which should be fairly easy to replace by a repair shop, if you're not confidant sourcing the right new RAM and installing it yourself.

There is another possibility in that it could be the motherboard or memory controller in the processor, those would be much harder to fix, and I'm not sure how you discover which it is without replacing the RAM first, sorry to say.
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