Terra Invicta

Wonders how Brian missed this one
Oh don't worry, been following it for a while. It's still Early Access, so not big on my radar at the moment. Also space-focused, looks a lot more frantic tactics than strategy, and dev's other game is a tactical space sim—none of which are my cup of tea.

watching someone play it. Its slow going but there is a lot to game... drown in depth
Yeah, I've watched some of Spud's play. Drown in depth is not attractive to me, this trend towards shoveling in 'extra' to provide a value perception doesn't work for me either—even the venerable Civ series went that way in Civ6, confusing complication with added value.

However, on wishlist for sure—who knows what'll happen between Early Access and when I might buy it years after full release, when there's a full complement of mods.
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Well, with 7 different factions that all react differently to the one non playable faction... the aliens, its overloaded with ideas. Impressive they seem to have managed it. Its not my style really (I don't think my style exists) but i might drag myself through watching a playthrough. Over a few days. It gets boring. Not sure I like the graphics.

its the next logical step after some of the space games recent years. Global politics + space combat

The rate its going, some one release a game better than Star Citizen before it ever comes out of beta lol


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