Steam Next Fest June 2024

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Another game i thought showed potential was faceminer - i hoping it was going to be like hypnospace outlaw or something. but instead its a more elaborate clicker game as you screen through data packets for faces to generate a revenue stream and climb the ladders.

Honestly, very boring and not rewarding. Could be playing something with more substance then this. i will say that its an intersting idea and the music is nice, but not not enough to save it. shame.

next up, Zero protocol a pixel survival horror like system shock 2 but with a sanity meter. Demo shows a lot of promise and it wasn't bad. its a puzzle game more then horror shooty, the challenge is managing the sanity meter. The lower the sanity, the more stuff you see and potentially more secrets etc. Too low and you go crazy. It also adds a time element to proceedings. You have a limited amount of the sanity booster medication so don't waste it! A bit annoyed why i couldn't take the sharp knife from the crazy people, but what ever. Added to wish list to watch!
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The Final Quarter:
  • Parcel Corps
    This requires a controller—there are technically KB+M controls but the game is insistent that it needs a controller. Disappointing for a game that “PC Gamer” put on their front cover.
  • Glyphica: Typing Survival
    Fun typing shooter, a bit like Asteroids.
  • Bloomtown: A Different Storywishlisted
    Wholesome adventure-JRPG with cosy pixel art set in a quiet all-American town which is definitely not being taken over by child-sacrificing demons.
  • Dice & Foldwishlisted
    This is delightful, very simple gameplay but extremely more-ish.
  • Beat the Humans
    Doesn't tell you how to play. If you're a dev reading this, don't submit a game to Next Fest unless you have a full tutorial ready. I have dozens of demos to play and dozens of games in my backlog. If you don't make it easy for me to get into your game, I am going to drop it.
  • Spirits of the Silicium Forestwishlisted
    Fairly standard turn-based path adventure (of which there are many nowadays), but with a very interesting “Horizon Zero Dawn but Aztecs” storyline.
  • 49 Keys
    Intriguing text adventure, with a strong medieval horror vibe. Not my thing enough to wishlist it but those who like this sort of thing would enjoy it.
  • The Crush House
    Clean silly fun. Fans of Love Island will enjoy this. Loading screens are a bit long though.
Only two of the eight! Well done me for being so eclectic.
Two for me, as well.


Just finished this one.
since the operator was on @Hveðrungr top play list i thought i'll have a look at it. Potentially a very tasty puzzle game . A bit too short to sink my teeth into it, but i'll add it to my wishlist to see what its like. it might be really good, or really tedious. It does have that papers please style, you gather evidence, press the button, select the bit of info and fingers crossed you're right.

its nicely presented, so it has that going. But will it be any good? we'll wait and see.
Just one more to add to the steamnext i had lying around. this time its Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess. Inspired by the strike series, players are tasked in piloting a helicopter to kill lizard people in a variety of missions.

The demo wasn't all that great tbh, it lacked polish and content to keep me entertained. The pictures suggest things will get better, but the whole thing felt pretty average and not all that fun. I think its missing some polish to make it stand out.


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