Steam Guard—protect your Steam library

Some of you probably don't know about Steam Guard, a way to protect from losing your Steam account to a scammer. It's simple to setup, which I highly recommend to you all.

While logged in on Steam site:
Click Username > Account details > Account Security > Manage Steam Guard > Pick Phone or Email.

Thereafter, you'll be sent a code whenever you login from an unrecognized device—which of course is what a scammer would use.

This is Steam's version of what's more commonly known as Two Factor Authentication, which you should have on all your important online accounts.

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As someone who works as an IT security consultant, I approve of this message.

Also, be careful with anyone who contacts you through Steam who isn't a known friend. Don't click on external links they provide, and be very suspicious of anything they tell you. I had a guy try to run a scam on me a few months ago. I led him along a little bit then sent screenshots to Valve.

If for some reason you do need to click on a link someone has provided, launch Steam in a sandbox. The same goes for your regular email or links you come across here or anywhere. It's best that if you can't avoid that stuff that you launch your browser or email software inside a sandbox. I've gotten into the habit of always running Chrome that way. It's the best online security you can have. Why trust your antivirus when you don't have to run into trouble to begin with?
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