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Well, you got great flexibility. That bullet train on top will be awesome for flat terrain, and the camper van / RV tagged on at the back there enables nights in the big quiet desert.

However, there is one design flaw, unless it's on the hidden side. No step-up, so how'll you get into the thing?
I wish I could just put a latch on top so I can fly directly into my bedroom 😂 I ended up redesigning it after reading this PCG article, I realized how annoying it is to have 4 stories and have to take a ladder to each. They did point out that you can just boostpack upwards, but instead I redesigned it to have zero ladders. It definitely has an overall better flow to my last behemoth.
(y) You obviously choose only the best sandwiches (y)

Thinks… hang on… Visual spatial analysis via Architect Simulator:

So, you flip it over before laying it down?
I pick it up that way, too, but it actually depends on the sandwich. If it's a flat sandwich, like grilled cheese or pb&j, then yes. If it's something that's layered in an obvious order that will fall apart, like a BLT or Rueben, then no.

And, no, I have no idea why I do that.
Blade Runner-esque running shot. I wonder why no one is fazed by a masked man running with a gun.


Meeting with an Aurora addict. I always take my little deputy with me everywhere I go. “Are you going to finish those Xenoyaki bites? My son here is asking for them.”


He always has my back

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