Starfield Playthrough Discussion

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Aug 19, 2023
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I didn't by premium... Just an entirely new PC.

Performance: no issues with slow down that I've noticed (4k on 7600x + 7900xt).
Companions seem to get stuck a bit and a few folks stood in weird places.

5hrs in and I would say I'm not exactly grabbed by the game so far. I've been off exploring/mining mostly, so going to head back to the story and see what's going on.
7 hours in and having a great time. The performance could use some work, but it's not ruining the experience or anything. Still haven't run into any bugs (or they were minor visual things that I didn't notice). I'm mostly following the main story with the plan to circle back and do all the faction quests later. The core loop of shooting and looting is great, and I like the variety of weapons available (and that they can be modded).

While it's not a major problem for me, I can absolutely see some people really being bothered by how many loading screens there are and how travel works. I'm not surprised the game requires as SSD. I can't fathom how this game would feel on a HDD. Also, having boundaries around where you land seems like a non-issue to me. You'd have to be quite the masochist to wander that far on a barren planet by foot :LOL:
Anyone know if youll be able to use mods with the xbox gamepass version? Probably not but thats the one im gonna be using!
I believe mods from Nexus work with whichever installation you have, and that that is true for pretty much all games. The files being modified are the same, they just sit in a different folder.
So i havent played it yet but seeing how the map is already has me anxious
It's old-school, takes some getting used to for sure. I'm actually leaning into it by turning quest markers off. I want to really have to immerse myself in the world.
19 hours of exploring, mining, and questing. Mainly been in New Atlantis and the wilderness surrounding doing different quests there. I think the quests are varied enough to not become boring. Obviously, there are plenty of fetch quests also but you would be mental to think a game at this scope would not have them. Some of the quests I got just by eavesdropping, which is cool and the chained quests have been solid enough.

New Atlantis looks great and I'm quite impressed with how the interiors of each building complement what the building is all about. If you go to a restaurant, for example, you'll see some of the detailed food from the menu on the table and it actually looks like food. If it is a posh restaurant, you'll see more fancy tables and even the waitress will talk/look fancy. It's nothing new RPG-wise, but it is done very well. New Atlantis feels like a city! Now, if only the faces of most of the NPC's did not look like ass... Funny enough, some made me think of Oblivion, so at least you got that nostalgia pumping each time you see a face of horrors. It does not take away the immersion thankfully, it's just that Bethesda REALLY sucks when it comes to making facial animations.

Going around in the wilderness has been enjoyable. Scan this, slam some animals (not that kind of slamming, this is not BG3), and find whatever is to be found. Some of the structures you find are huuuuuge! Had me looking twice at times just from the sheer scope. This is exploration at its core and I did not once think about any borders or even get to one. The map areas are huge and while exploring on foot is fun and all, you most likely will not be walking on foot all the time, or else your playthrough of this game will take a gazillion years if you don't have a really good jetpack on a low gravity planet.

The starter ship is still bloody amazing! Some of the ship sounds got that nice clickity-clack, which reminds me a lot of the instrument panel sounds from the movie Alien or Alien Isolation for that sake. If all the ships are equally as awesome as this ship, man, I'm in for a treat!

The game is solid and I would not hesitate to give it a 9/10 impression. I'm having fun and that is what matters the most to me. Some are saying this is Morrowind in space and you know what, that is exactly what it is!
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Currently at 13 hours played and this game is super hard to put down. The core gameplay loops are fantastic. As someone who loves looting, Bethesda is just unparalleled. I love looking around in every room to see what's available. The shooting is solid and the gun variety is great. I also really like the idea of modding the guns so I think I'm going to work towards putting skill points into weapon engineering. Still haven't experienced no major bugs. Oh and I modded DLSS into the game because it's highly superior to FSR and it was an easy procedure.

Also, I was able to grab the space suit in the basement of the Lodge, but I kinda think I wasn't supposed to be able to get it I could've sworn someone said it was gated behind a master level lock.. Oh well! It's mine now :LOL:
Also, I was able to grab the space suit in the basement of the Lodge, but I kinda think I wasn't supposed to be able to get it I could've sworn someone said it was gated behind a master level lock.. Oh well! It's mine now :LOL:
That is one of the reasons I love most of the Bethesda games. A lot of the bugs can be both beneficial and also hilarious. Today I encountered two more funny ones:

1. Tried to board a spaceship but the pilot didn't want to have anything to do with that so he left...with me inside the bloody cargo bay! Just as he was exiting the stratosphere I glitched out of the ship hundreds of meters above the ground.
2. I went on a museum tour and when the tour guide changed to proper clothing because of the extremely hazardous planet, he got stuck in the airlock and when he got outside he was still wearing his indoor attire. He just walked around on the freezing planet without a care in the world.
Jan 20, 2023
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Started my playthrough last night, and it’s pretty much what I was expecting. I don’t mind the ship traveling but It definitely makes it feel like less of an open world and more of traveling between hubs. To be fair, though, I’m not that far in and I know it’s supposed to get much better after 12 hours(!). Only thing that’s annoying me so far is the combat. It feels a bit cramped in third person and the aiming can’t seem to decide whether or not it’s toggle or hold. The camera also has some weird clipping planes. I also am in a bit of a rut since I accidentally killed a guard in Atlantis and Sarah Morgan won‘t advance in any dialogue because she’s mad. Overall though I think the core systems are pretty fun and I’m looking forward to playing more. Hopefully I can get to exploring on my own instead of doing the main quests soon.

I’m in the middle of the Empty Nest quest if anyone’s curious.
I thought it was funny that yesterday, just moments from release, that Starfield wasn't on the front page of Game Pass. Give me a break, Microsoft. At least pretend you aren't having panic attacks about people playing on Game Pass instead of sending you piles of money.


I was exhausted last night and constantly falling asleep, but I played a few minutes of the game anyway. I don't know if the ship controls were wonky or if I was just too out of it, but I ended up quitting at that point. I actually got good sleep last night. Seems I'm out of the worst of it, so I'm going to hop back in here in a minute.
This whole complaint about most of the planets not having life on them is just weird. Once you start playing the game, you realize it was supposed to, in a lot of ways, be realistic and set in the real world. It would have just been weird to land on a bunch of planets apparently made out of candy with Winnie the Pooh nightmare creatures running around all over the place like in No Man's Sky. I loved No Man's Sky, but this is just a completely different thing.