PCG Article Some great PC Gamer articles today (2/2/23)

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So do you think the general consensus is that an SSD makes a significant difference over an HDD, but it doesn't really make a perceptible difference what kind of SSD you have?
Good question. @Kaamos_Llama & @WoodenSaucer and any other interested individuals, I'm starting a new thread over in the Hardware Section, so as not to disrupt @ZedClampet 's current post, as I do have further questions so I will continue them there.

These games would sell great on Steam if they weren't stealth launched. Retro is very much in vogue these days.
As much as I love Steam, and try to consolidate most of my games there, trying to find an older game, or indie game, unless it has a brief appearance on the front page is difficult. If you know the specific name of a game the Steam search feature works fine, but try doing a general search for RPGs is just frustrating. RPG "tags" are just plastered on games that have no relevance to the genre.

GOG doesn't bury these older games, as they are often on the front page, and often include patches and/or mods that make a game playable. Take for example Fallout 3 (which @Sarafan is currently playing). All connections to the now defunct "Games for Windows Live!" launcher are gone, and the 4GB patch is already installed (which is essential to get the game to run); Steam doesn't do that. I do agree that any game should be available on as many store fronts as possible, but the visibility and playability is usually better when purchaaed on GOG.