Show off your characters costume

A place to show off your character's attire from old and new game experiences. Below you will see my sneaky Argonian from Elder Scrolls Online. My second gearset for my character and I really think this attire fits my role as an assassin:

@I Will Haunt You Looks ready for autumn. How are you liking the game so far?

I really liked it at first, but now it's really getting repetitive. Samey quests, samey environments, samey NPCs. Lots of quests drag on too long with excessive backtracking. (Just did one quest the other day that had me go between two places far away no less than 5 times.)

I started a fresh run of Skyrim with some mods I hadn't used before. Going back to Greedfall feels like trying to get the energy to vacuum the house or something now.


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But don't we have a thread like this already?

I guess this one isn't themed by month but still...

Oh well, I wouldn't want to show favoritism, now would I?

Winding Heliix

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Thank you @I Will Haunt You That is roughly what I have heard about it too, but it is nice to get feedback from someone who has recently played the game.

@Zloth I was also looking at the thread, but since that one is RPG related, I decided to open one for a casual character approach. Whether that was a good idea or not, that is open to discussion.
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@I Will Haunt Your Tetelo outfit reminds me of the slave bikini outfit I got from Hutta for my companion. Not sure how she felt about that gift, but she sure got attention from other players.

I believe the slave bikini comes from Nar Shaddaa. Only a couple of my characters have access to that as I haven't leveled most of my toons through social ranks.

Tetelo wears the Magnificent Dancer set because it looks voodoo priestess-like and she is a sith sorceress I named after the voodoo queen's spirit from Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

I have a ceremonial mask that matches well with it too:

Tetelo Masked
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My season 20 Monk in Diablo 3. I don't really like much of the monk outfits so far (too flashy for my taste) so I try to make them a bit more natural-looking if that makes sense. For anyone interested: I am trying out a speed version of the season 19 tempest rush build. Not looking for any high rift push build, just want to have a lot of fun clearing rifts as fast as possible.

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