Question Should E-Sports be future Olympics?

Should E-Sports be part of the upcoming Olympics.

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Jul 26, 2021
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I heard some statics today that I thought was interesting. The report said that E-Sports has grown to 475million and generates $1billion dollars
a year. There is obviously great interest and enthusiam for the sport. Some don't consider E-Sports a true sport but what do you think? Many colleges have added E-Sports to their programs. Should E-Sports be part of the upcoming Olympics.
Honestly, right now I would say "no", but maybe in the future. The problem right now, as I see it, is that each esport is tied to a particular publisher and is used primarily as a way to generate more game sales. For the Olympics, what we would need is a publisher agnostic game(s), and I don't know how that would come about, unless a group of publishers got together and collaborated on an independent game. There's no money in that for them, so I don't see it happening.
Aug 2, 2021
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I personally would like Esports Olympics that is run by a separate World Esports Association. The IOC doesn't exactly have a clean reputation. I feel like there are so many games that it could honestly be its own event. I would include mobile esports as well. There is also a lot of weirdness that comes from a sport being owned by a company the way esports are.

For now, the LoL world champs is my Olympics :)
there are so many games that it could honestly be its own event
Right, like the Winter Olympics is its own event.

Esports are obviously going to be massive by the second half of the century, and it's difficult to see how being shackled to the Olympics helps anyone other than the IOC.

Anyone who understands sport or competition knows that any one-off event is not a measure of excellence, but rather who was best on that particular day/week. Excellence is measured in repeat performances over time, which is why the top competition of the world's game are all national leagues of ~40 games per year.

Esports is ideal for such a setup. It depends whether Esports become controlled by outfits like IOC or FIFA—if so, then hype, marketing and revenue will rule, and the search for excellence will only be in service to those goals.

So in short, I hope Esports steer clear of the Olympics.
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