Oct 3, 2022
Today I tried playing Shatterline and found it interesting though I failed severally trying to play anyone with tips I can use while playing? .
Jun 22, 2021
Honestly I don't know of any cept maybe escape after the first mission.

I could be missing something, but the first "boss" fight is insane. I don't even know how much ammo my team feed the guys before they died and the one time I decided to go to the second mission phase we got hosed about half way through.

The only thing I found that helped for me was the Impala semi auto sniper rifle. Was powerful enough to kill most guys in a few shots, fast enough cycle that it wasn't painful waiting between shots worrying I was gonna die and it has a decent amount of ammo, but omg that boss fight eats your ammo..... what's the second one gonna be like.
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