Setting up a homebase for a laptop.

Jan 24, 2022
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Hi all,

Due to my job asking me to constantly be on the move, I have no other choice but to fall back on a gaming laptop for my gaming needs. However, I would like it when I am at home to be able to hook that laptop on better accessories, like a curved screen and a good sound system for example. I always wondered if it would be doable and what kind of setup I would be looking at.

For me I always found it weird because I would be distracted if I need to leave the laptop running while hooked on another screen because I do not want 2 screens, I want the entire feed on the gaming screen I would buy. Same thing for the sound.

Anyhow, not sure if that makes sense but any help would be appreciated.
if it would be doable
It's definitely doable, I used an Alienware as a desktop replacement 8-9 years ago when on the ru moving around.

I don't remember the details, but the hub of it all was a 'Docking Station'. These articles will give you an idea:

I do not want 2 screens
I used to alternate between 1 and 2 big screens, with the laptop closed and screen inoperable—I also hooked up mouse and KB via the dock.

Same thing for the sound
I don't recall how I had my sound working, but I didn't have any problem with it.


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