Question RTX 3080ti + Ryzen 5950x + 32GB RAM Question

Jul 3, 2022
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Hi, I am getting a new PC soon, with the above components. I will be plugging in 4 monitors (all Samsung):

Odyssey G7 32” (2560x1440, 240HZ) : for gaming (Fallout 76, Hitman, GTA V)

CF791 34” (3440x1440, 100HZ): for work (at least 3 Google Chrome tabs always open for work links, Slack, Outlook, Visio)

CF391 32” (1920x1020, 60HZ): just for personal web browsing

CF391 32” (1920x1020, 60HZ): background video streaming (YouTube, Netflix)

Question: will plugging in all 4 monitors with this workload affect me gaming at 1440p@240HZ on the G7? I’m worried about stutter.

I do have an older RX580 GPU (8GB VRAM), which I can plug monitors 2-4 in, but I don’t want to put that in if I don’t have to.

PSU is 750W; can that support the two GPUs if needed?

I don’t want to change my setup, just wanted to know if the 3080ti will suffice.

Well, the 3080ti is a power hog and you want to run 4 monitors simultaneously with 1 of them gaming, id say you might want to go higher with your psu, not that it wont run with a 750w, but if you are worried about stuttering or issues like that you might want to do 800 or something.

If your gpu has enough ports to plug all 4 in, or you have a connector that hooks up to the gpu, it should most definitely support all 4, especially if only 1 is running the game. You wont need a second gpu