RTS Iron Harvest—player experiences

Iron Harvest is going for $11 at Fanatical for the next ~36 hours, which is a bit tempting if the game is really good.

So, is it really good?

I see comments on Steam that it's in the Company of Heroes mould, which to me means it's more RTT—ie Tactics—than RTS like say C&C. What do you think?

I'm not interested in RTT, I prefer FPS for tactical play and 4x/RTS for strategic. I don't see much base building in CoH, it seems to be much more about capturing control points around the map, which suggests it's mainly fast-paced combat. I prefer slower measured play where the day is won more by the strategic decisions made rather than their tactical execution.
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I have played it, and you're right that it's not much like C&C gameplay wise.
I never tried Company of Heroes so I can't really compare, but during the campaign I've been hitting the unit limit, so you can't just steamroll in that way.

The closest game I can think of is something like Dawn of War 2, where you have to secure supply points on the map to get the resource income that you need. Unlike DoW2 though it feels a lot harder to replenish units, and I also found it harder to control the units in larger engagements.

Ultimately I had to give up when I couldn't progress the campaign any more. It feels like there's a lot more rock/paper/scissor-type unit combat happening, and I just couldn't manage to work out what I needed or click fast enough to get my people in the right place, doing the right thing.


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