I am shocked at this news. As most of you know im a huge Destiny fan and Lance Reddicks voice and character was not only my favorite, but probably the biggest voices in the game in terms of dialogue and wont be the same going forward for whoever replaces his voice. Loved pretty much everything he was in and he deserves a thread. Rest in Power to an absolute legend.

Picture: Lance holding the Gjallahorn rocket launcher from Destiny 2 at E3.


Me with Lances character in Destiny 2:

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Wow, I hadn't even heard Lance had died recently. Truly is shocking since he was only 60.

The only game that sticks out in my mind that he was in was Qauntum Break. He was also in Payday 2, but I never played the Payday games much because they didn't play so well solo IMO. I've also never played Destiny, so you can see why I only associate him with Quantum Break.

He was a great actor though, and I really liked the way he played Charon in the John Wick series. I bet Keanu Reeves will miss him!

This was some of his best stuff...

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