PCG Article Randomizer mod for RollerCoaster Tycoon breathes life into a bonafide classic

My goals are lofty, my budget slim, my chances zero.

To play the game (RCT2) nowadays (and to use the mod from the article), you need to install the game files on your computer and then download OpenRTC2 and launch it that way. Actually, I would do this even if you have the game on GoG (as I do), because it runs much better (based on my fiddling with it yesterday).

The new mod gives you never-ending objectives for all the various maps. Not sure, but I think it includes the expansions, as well.

I actually didn't get around to using the mod yesterday, but am going to give it a try today. You can download the mod from the Github link in the article.
I wonder if the randomizer tries to make the challenges fair at all or if you have to restart it multiple times to get something usable.

I fully support the idea though. I think a lot of games could do with a randomizer mod. I know they're quite popular in Pokémon games and I recently saw a mod for Warhammer 3 that allows you to switch around starting positions for every faction, which is a great start for a randomizer mod as well.

I love the discovery part of games and a randomizer is a great way to get that feeling back in an old game.