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one fault of my keyboard is it never tells windows how much battery it actually has. Look on Bluetooth devices and it always shows as 100% - My battery isn't that good.
Instead I only know it doesn't work right when I am typing a sentence and half the keys don't work. Answer is to plug it in but be nice if it started showing the light at a certain percentage - my mouse starts flashing its power light at 30% meaning I get about 5 days use before it needs a charge. I can't really tell with keyboard and its not running any rgb. Its battery only meant to be 205 hours which is nothing compared to Logitech ones that go for months without a charge. I wanted real keys though.

Apart from that I really don't have any complaints apart from wifi being spotty. BT is mostly okay.
Saw this today and my heart skipped a beat.

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May 13, 2024
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Buying a monitor now looks like bobbing for apples unless you research first.
Not looking for/at a new monitor myself, I just found this.

I haven't noticed any VRR flicker on my 2 OLEDs that I game on (LG C1 and Alienware AW3423DWF). Both are set up with G-Sync. But now I wonder maybe it's there and I haven't noticed it or maybe it doesn't bother me.

I also just picked up the Odyssey G9 OLED that the video mentions at 7:10. It's still sitting in the box, which I'll setup this weekend. Hopefully I won't notice it, either.
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Reducing thread count to increase speed seems a large sacrifice to me. Frame rate increase comes from a higher CPU speed, I expect. Obviously only helps if the game is the only thing running on PC. Having half the thread count would be noticeable in normal operation.

feels like a nerf to me.

It can also increase clock speed of CPU but with E Cores & hyperthreading off, its missing a lot of performance - this does depend on how application works - so it may not work as expected.
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i didn't watch it but i saw the one you mean.

It could work in a thin case like the one he showed, means it doesn't have to be long enough for card, just tall enough. If you used an AIO in the roof, the temps of air coming in would be about same temp as the air coming out of GPU during a game anyway.

Do you buy a new PC when your GPU stops working? What I mean is you buying a case that relies on the card being a certain height, if they shrink or grow in that time you have gaps in front of case? or maybe not enough space

Using GPU as intake means you need to run its fans all the time. Most GPU only start fans at 70C now, so it could mean fans fail before they would normally... (I run mine all time so I guess make no difference to me)

Obviously you can't use a blower style card, you relying on Cards having blow through designs so its mostly a case for Nvidia owners... sure, most people only think Nvidia make GPU but why lean into it?

Lian LI may have thought of all that but I don't see it working with AMD GPU. Mine doesn't let any air out its back... so it would just block off the front, not act as intake.

People will buy it as they mistakenly think GPU needs the coolest air when it doesn't really change its temp if its getting cool air blown at it from fans or from a front mounted AIO. CPU benefits more from being in that spot (IE, using AIO to cool CPU)/ They also get to see GPU all the time!!

Probably runs on reverse pressure.
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Only one other part of my PC benefits from me running the GPU fans all the time... my nvme, and really it only goes up 4c if the fans are off. Its right next to my GPU so it makes sense it gets all the air escaping my GPU's massive heatsink. It doesn't make any difference to nvme provided its not running at 70c, its happy. So 45c just looks good, doesn't really achieve anything.

I mean, its possible ram does too but my AIO is constantly blowing air at it so its difficult to tell how much benefit it gives.

watches video... so AIO goes in side of case? so it relies on the airflow from GPU to create airflow over other parts.
Design needs work, fact you have to route the Display port cables or HDMI though case to attach to card just looks like more danger than its worth. It should have an extension cable - like he said - that runs to back of case and you connect GPU to it on one end, and Display can connect to back of case.

Think I wait for Steve to test it. Lots of new cases for him to test.

I like the Light Base 600 so far but its so new its not on Bequiet website yet. I like how all you need to swap its layout is move the feet lol.
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The side of that Lian LI case is all mesh so its not like it can't breath. I don't think GPU helps a lot but with enough exhaust fans, the only concern I would have is nvme temps. Jay looked at CPU temps but its on an AIO, its fine. My nvme is kept cool by being next to GPU, with no GPU there you rely on reverse pressure to cool it.

All the exhaust fans are in a compartment behind the motherboard tray. so only airflow over motherboard comes from GPU.
Only exhausts out of the side. Can install a 360 AIO in side as well as 3 x 120mm fans.. so plenty of exhaust, but not a lot of intake.
So the airflow pattern would draw heat from GPU out back, but what about motherboard? No rear fan. No way to install one...

not sure I like how the backplate for motherboard is flush with the back of case, normally they indented.

It is not as thin as I imagined. GPU can be moved sideways. it doesn't block front as much as I had imagined. So air can get past.

GN might struggle to test it as they normally use AIR and you can't fit the right cooler into case. Its designed for AIO.

Hole at back of case to allow monitor cables through might struggle to allow many through. So if you have more than 2 monitors, it could be fun.

I wish cases would have more USB C slots. I wouldn't mind at least 2. They still in short supply. I guess they on new motherboard backplates now - the X670 boards have 2. So I guess I can live with that.
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I can remember running a full antivirus system scan on my last PC and it took two hours only as it overloaded my CPU and I would stop it as it was summer and I didn't like the temps it was hitting. The ssd was too much for the poor thing and cpu was running as fast as it could.
I am running one now, I expect it will be finished before I post this thread.

CPU is only running at 50% activity... it does have a few more threads though... 16 compared to 4. CPU only running at 41c which used to be its normal temp... now normal is 25c (in winter anyway)

I used to enjoy running defrag. I can't anymore... ssd/nvme don't use it and my hdd only has 60mb of files on it.
Defrag 20 years ago would restart if you started a screensaver, fun times.

All the little things I used to fill in time are gone now.

PC basically looks after itself now.

AV took longer than expected but its was only 36 minutes.
All my Xbox games are slowing it down. One day I might play one.

this rate I will be so bored I do my course soon.

oddly, a few hours later this happened:

which is strange as Intel Driver Updater is what supposedly caused it. Its been on pc for a few weeks, so odd it did it now. Must be false positive.
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