Ram type in system requirements

Mar 15, 2022
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We have a Ram In game's system requirements
But it never mentioned that it is ddr3 or ddr4
1- is it really different between 8 GB ddr3 and 8GB ddr4 in gaming?
2-if my system is ddr3, I should have more rams than system requirements?
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You want 16GB of DDR4 for modern games.

8GB DDR3 was ok up to ~2010, so if you want to play games from back then, it might work.

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it never mentioned that it is ddr3 or ddr4
That's DDR4 if it's from last ~10 years. What game is it?
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Mind sharing the title which you're looking at? Often times you should be seeing the processors mentioned under requirements. So in retrospect, if a processor is shown as an i5-2400 as their minimum requirement, you can't have DDR4 there. Due to the platform, you're going to be looking at DDR3 for that processor/platform.
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Dec 23, 2022
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VOLUME is the requirement, not type.

DDR/3/4/5 this is generally tied to the design of your motherboard, and is unlikely to be changed.

That I recall, I have not seen a game that states "You must have DDR4 to play this title" (that doesnt mean there isnt one)

What they do is throw down a processor (CPU) spec, and that CPU spec is tied to whatever generation of RAM. There are crossovers, so you may see the same chip families on DDR 3/4 or DDR 4/5 mainboards.

for this spec the AMOUNT is what is required.