Quiz: Name that movie

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No, I can't see the image. Post 1847 has:

[Had to edit the post because the initial file had the answer right in its name. o_O]

at the end. I presume a moderator made it go away, but I guess it still appears there for other moderators and Krud?

Post 1851 doesn't have an image at all, and no note, either.


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Nope, not a bit. Time to hit F12!

Tracking Prevention blocked an image resource. (I've got Edge set to strict on the privacy/search/services tab.) I've got a couple of those from pbs.twimg.com/media. Copy/paste the image URL to another tab and POOF! There it is!

+1 for the guy wearing a seat belt, but I've got no clue what movie that's from.
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Another one while we wait:
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Think we need a solution to this one @Krud;)

Sorry about that, y'all. Didn't mean to throw a wrench in the game there. The image (for those to whom it was visible) was from the Mike Myers 90's movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer," a snippet of which is the basis of his new Netflix(?) show, "The Pentaverate."

The full scene:
I would LIKE to commandeer this vehicle...


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