Quiz: Name that movie

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seriously though i don't take it as a victory, sometimes people comment with an image but don't check back in for a few days leaving the game at a stand still. When Rensje comes back they could also post another screenshot.
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I don't know which one. Happy for anyone else to just list all the John Wick films and get it right. I'm not really playing, I'm only here to make dumb jokes because I was tagged cheekily.
Since no one else has replied with the exact answer and a day has passed, I'll give the win to you!

The picture was from John Wick 3: Parabellum, in which he flees to Casablanca after being declared excommunicado. He stops by his old 'friend' Sofia and her two dogs. I picked this scene because it's such a serene moment in an otherwise over-the-top neo (heh) noir film.


Take it away, my good man!
@Frindis it's a very eerie movie, It's quite a creepy movie with a small cast but nevertheless a really good horror movie.
A great movie @Rensje, not as good as the first or second but considerably better than most current movies.

if @Hveðrungr isn't playing you're very welcome to post another screenshot, maybe if we have a few posted at one time we can keep this game going.

Here is a second from me

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That still is from Gerald's Game!

I liked the film a lot, but I think it would have been a stronger story if they had left out the 'moonlight man' altogether. The human element of the film was so strong I kind of hated they felt the need to go 'supernatural' with it at the end. Not really, but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from with this.
What are even the rules? Do I just screenshot a movie then crop it to make it harder? Does it have to be a particular type of movie?
Pretty much. Just think of any movie you like, find a good screenshot of it that isn't a dead give away and crop it in such a way that it's not immediately recognisable. I try to not go for very obscure films because you want to make people think but not get completely stumped.
You are correct @Rensje :) I loved this movie, we can't really talk about The Moonlight man here to avoid spoilers but i will say i was totally fine with that aspect of the story, if i have any issue with the movie it's that i would have preferred the ending to have been condensed down a little, it felt like it dragged.
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It's Downfall, or Der Untergang for my fellow Europeans. It inspired all the 'Hitler rant' memes.
Fairly sure that's Eva Braun dancing the night away while Berlin is being bombed. Amazing film.


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I have been meaning to watch that movie for so long,
@Hveðrungr that was a great screenshot and certainly not too easy, not for me and frindis anyway.
It's crazy how much that looks like rose dancing in the lower decks of titanic.
Although now that i think about it I doubt the Titanic had Columns, to be honest I wasn't there.


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