Question Question compatibility issue with adding RAM Modules on HP G3 705 - Only Recognizing Single Module

Feb 20, 2024
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Hi folks,

I'm facing a challenging issue with upgrading the RAM on my refurbished HP G3 705 PC and could really use your expertise. The system originally came with 8GB of Hynix RAM, and I've attempted to upgrade it by adding three more 8GB modules from Dolgix, an Indian supplier. While each Dolgix module works fine individually, I'm encountering problems when trying to use them together.

**System Specs:**
- **PC Model:** HP G3 705 (Refurbished)
Support page - HP Support
- **Motherboard:** AMD B350, Rev.11
- **Chipset:** K15 IMC
- **BIOS Version:** P06 Ver. 02.44 with AMD AGESA StoneyPi V1.3.0G (Update Date: 10-May-23)
- **Original RAM:** 8GB Hynix
- **New RAM:** 3x 8GB Dolgix
RAM recomended by supplier -HP Support

**Issues Encountered:**
1. When I install a Dolgix module in both Channel A and B (tried configurations 1,3(doesnt work) and 2,4 - works), the PC starts, but Windows only shows 8GB of RAM, while CPU-Z detects 16GB in single channel.
2. Configuration 1,3 doesn’t boot (three red lights and two white lights on startup).
3. With all four RAM modules installed, the system refuses to start at all.

As of now, I can only seem to utilize one of the new RAM modules or the original, leaving me with a total of 8GB when I should theoretically be able to reach 32GB.

**Troubleshooting Steps Taken:**
- Confirmed individual compatibility of each new RAM module
- Attempted BIOS reset to default settings
- Tested various slot configurations with no success

Given the BIOS update and the individual module compatibility, I'm stumped on how to proceed to utilize the full capacity of the installed RAM.

1. Has anyone faced a similar issue with RAM compatibility on this or a similar setup?
2. Are there specific settings or adjustments in the BIOS that might resolve this recognition issue?
3. Could there be a limitation with the motherboard that I'm not aware of?

Any insights, advice, or troubleshooting tips you could provide would be immensely appreciated. I'm eager to learn from your experiences and solve this puzzle.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!
Hi and welcome.

I suggest taking this question over to Toms Hardware where they have more of a focus on tech rather than gaming.

I'm not familiar with any of your hardware, other than the fact that early AMD Ryzen was notoriously finnicky with RAM timings. Maybe someone at Toms might be able to help you more, if no one here pipes up.
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