PCG Article Purported Dragon Age: Dreadwolf leak shows actionized combat


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I don't know what to think anymore. I've never played the Ghost Recon games, but I don't like what I see there, even if it is an early beta playtest. I knew RTwP has been slowly fading away as a combat mechanic (which I find sad as I love it), but moving to a more "shooter like" combat system doesn't feel like the right move to me. And are they designing the controls for a controller with KB&M tacked on later?

The more I see and hear (which is little enough) about DA4, my enthusiasm drains away a little more each time. It's starting to feel like the dysfunctional development that ME Andromeda had (though in fairness to MEA, it was a fun game to play, but felt more like a spinoff game compared to the originals).

And another employee leaves the company. I don't think we'd see this type of exodus if EA/Bioware wasn't experiencing some level of chaos. I'll hold out on a slim layer of hope that DA4 will be a good RPG, but it definitely won't be a day one purchase for me like the other Dragon Age games.


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Yeah, the series is throwing all sorts of red flags around. I'm "cautiously pessimistic" about the title.

There's no chance I'll buy it on Day 1, naturally. I missed all sorts of content by buying and playing DA:O so early. I got Inquisition after all the DLC showed up, which worked out much better.


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