PUNK WARS - Release is here!

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Jul 9, 2021
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Hello dear PCGamer forum users!

Some time ago we were informing you about The Prologue and Release date. Now, finally the day has come! PUNK WARS is now available on Steam and GOG, featuring four factions: Steampunk, Atompunk, Dieselpunk and Steelpunk!


The game is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS for the price of $19,99/€16,99 (with an extra 10% launch discount!).


It was a long way for us here at Jujubee and Strategy Forge and the whole development team did their best to deliver you a nice turn-based strategy game with a post-apo vibe. Hope you will enjoy what we have come up with and will have a decent time with our game :).
Also make sure to share your feedback and thoughts on the game in the Community section of the Steam page. We are really interested in your thoughts about the game! Thank you very much, and see you on the Wastelands!
Not open for further replies.