Question processor change

Aug 9, 2021
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hi ya'll,

i'm having a little question here. at this moment i have a intel i5-2400 with a LGA1155 socket with 8 GB ram and a AMD RX570. now i know that an i5-2400 can't run the gpu on it's maximum. now i saw the i3-9100F with a FCLGA1151-2 socket . now my question is: will the i3 fit on the same motherboard?
this might be a dumb question but i don't really have much experience with building a pc since i had mine customly build.
Aug 13, 2021
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i just get at google, and make reasearch, the socket not same, and cannot be fit.

Depending on the specific processor models, the socket (where the processor fits on the motherboard) may not fit both an i3 and an i5. The motherboard may not be compatible. Even if the sockets match, there is a good chance that the motherboard will not be compatible with the processor.


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