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Nov 3, 2020
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Hello guys. Im building my first pc and I have some questions. But first I'll say my specs CPU (5000 series) still waiting to be released, Cpu cooler ( arctic freezer ii 360), storage (m.2 nvme wd 1tb) still waiting on my samsung 980 pro for faster storage, PSU ( Corsair rm850x), RAM ( G skill royal 2x 8gb 3600hz), Case (Lian li dynamic), Motherboard ( Asrock Taichi x570), GPU (RTX 2060 super). I think that is everything.

So my question is, if I install everything and with out a cpu would the rams rgb light up? Or should I wait till I get my cpu (ryzen 5000 series)? Only the Motherboards light will work but not the rams. Im just trying to build it in advance so after I get my cpu it will be just plug and play. Is that normal? With out a cpu the rams won't light up. But I haven't connected it to a monitor yet so I dont know yet if its working or not.

Thank you for your answer guys. Sorry about my grammar. Hopefully its understandable


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