Playing Through Terminator: Resistance for the first time

Nov 9, 2020
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So far im about 2 hours into the game and I'm loving it.
While not as high budget as Fallout 3/NV or The Metro Games
TR instantly captured my interest in a short time, it feels like I'm playing a cross between Fallout and Metro which I'm absolutely loving.
I'm curious, for those whove actually played, without any spoilers...
Do choices actually matter or does it all end up leading to the same ending/goals ?
I don't wanna stress out on choices I make if they dont actually do anything.
If they don't, that's a bummer but not a deal breaker.
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Your choices will make a difference in how the cutscene plays at the end, but not in actual gameplay. Do note though that you must make your choices before waiting too long, as that can have a domino effect.

I did enjoy the game quite a bit, and feel it's the best Terminator game by far. It definitely captures the feeling of the first movies.

The only thing I didn't like about it, was how it was crippled a bit graphically. It is easily fixed though with a tweak I found on With these tweaks, it can look a lot better. I made a short video that shows how good it looks with the tweaks. A link to the tweak is in the description.

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Loved this game, i have yet to try the new infiltrator mode where you can be the terminator, but i thought the campaign was well done. It was a good single FPS game and its true to the original lore. I highly recommend this for terminator fans albeit at a discount.
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