Question PC Works at one location, but not at another... What do I do?

Jun 1, 2020
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Hello, 2 Years ago my Brother had given me his PC with his monitor and all the cable's belonging to it, but soon as I plugged everything in it didn't work. I tried changing from a Monitor to a regular TV Screen. Nothing, I tried different cable's nothing. I even tried at a Friends house, maybe that it was a problem with my House or something... But alas still nothing! So I gave the PC back to my brother and he plugged it in and it worked. Now present day, he gave the PC again since he really doesn't want it anymore and I thought of giving it another shot... with the hopes it would be different now, but it isn't... I still have this issue I now aswell have a different Monitor... but still nothing. I honestly don't understand it, which isn't saying much I don't have the IQ for PC's.

Everything does seem to work at my place he just doesn't wanna find a signal, but soon as it returns to the orginal location it works. I say everything works, because when I turn it on all the fans start spinning the lights go on and if I have my mouse and keyboard plugged in even they turn on. also, it does seem like my Monitor want's to find it but It can't, because if it's starts searching it takes awhile and then it suddenly says no Signal found and it goes standby. And usually when my Monitor goes standby it stays like that. But not when my Brother's PC is turned on it keeps trying to find a signal but then proceeds to say no signal and goes standby and back on, rince and repeat basically... if anyone can help me with this mystery that would be much appreciated it I can't find anything online... I hope to hear soon from someone.

Thanks for reading and greetings from a random guy from the Netherlands! :)
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I had a similar problem with my screen when I bought it. The power adaptor I got was too weak and I never got any signal on my screen before I bought a more powerful one. Perhaps this could be a related issue. Try a different power adapter and see if that might do the trick (if you have not already tried that)


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Jan 13, 2020
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Well that's weird. People have given me the stinkeye for suggesting that the problem was the environment....... but it seems that can happen. Like mentioned above, you may want to try different combinations of connecting to the power source to isolate the issue. Connect only the power supply, remove the surge/power strip, and then after that powering up with only this or that component connected. It is worth asking what country you are in to put their power standard in to the equation as well.

In my experience, some buildings & dwellings (especially but not always the older ones) just have bad grounds or bad electrical. You might not have any problem with your fridge, stove, tv, alarm clock or lamps, but a desktop PC is arguably a more complicated electronic device.
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